Protect your Brand

While building your own site will save you some money it can also leave plenty of room for making mistakes in coding and design. This is not just a problem that is found with building your own site but also a problem that can be found by hiring the wrong company or using a free web builder service. Building a website is difficult and doing it by yourself can take months. A free website building service might save you money but they can look unprofessional and the chances of someone else having the same template as you are high. This takes away the professional image and reduces your identity as a brand. They are also lacking in things that you are able to do on the site, such as unlimited PHP scripts or access to the root filesystem. If there is no way that you could hire someone to build you a roof for your home for $10 and have it be completed the right way, then why would you be able to pay so little to have a site built expecting it to be done the right way?